Sunday, 8 May 2011


Some time back, which now seems like long time back, I saw a friend telling her son to shut his ears with his hands each time she shut a door, car, cupboard, anything and everything. That time I always wondered why she did that. But, now over the years, seeing more and more women getting into that phase, I know that she was only trying to make sure that his little fingers were safe.
It’s funny how perspectives of a woman change as she steps into her motherhood.
Let’s understand what this metamorphosis is all about:-


Once a Bohemian
Free, Radical and Independent
She aspired through her dreams
And lived through her passions
But something magical made her change

She fought the fear and chased the pain
Just to hold a tiny soul in her arms
He opened his eyes and fell wailing in her arms
But nevertheless it made her proud
So she gave up her ambitions just to brighten up the tiny face

Her dreams which once were hers
Now belonged to the angel who slept on her lap
Her nights were gone, singing a lullaby and pulling the covers up high
Her days went by listening to stories of a circus mind which ran wild
And running around the messy hands which tattooed all over the house
But nevertheless it made her content
So she gave up peace of the complacency, just for the unsettling mindless riot. 

The mirror which was once her
Now belonged to the little rock star
Who spent his days standing in front of it
And singing into the spatulas
But nevertheless it made her happy
So she gave up all her dreams, just for witnessing some crazy dreams come to life.
It is strange but true that motherhood transforms a woman and makes her life spin faster that the spinning wheel. Nurturing instincts make her adapt to the child and his /her life in a funny and interesting way. She lets go all that she had planned for herself over the years . She re-weaves all her dreams and re-visits all her childhood fantasies through the eyes of her child. Thus, for a mother living life isn’t some goal, just a mere pursuit to happiness which keeps happening all along the way. 


  1. That's beautiful and so so true.

  2. hey thanks for dropping in :)

  3. @Siddhesh:- Thanks!! im glad you liked it :)

  4. Really beautiful! Only a very loving, caring person could pen such thoughts, this way,without having become a mother!! A divine play of fate that I stumbled onto here!..Very very glad to make your acquaintance! :")