Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Roots left Behind

Today is the world of modern working women who love their work and enjoy their freedom. Empowerment of women is the buzz word and we urban women have come a long way with lots of struggle and efforts. But amidst all the success and fame “Are we forgetting something “?

Lets together go through it together:-

Walking out of a fascinating bright coloured cubicle, she is a sparking beauty with her long dark hair put back in a neat bun. Her navy coloured formal attire does complete justice to her curves. In All she looks impeccable and a complete professional. As her eyes meet mine she flashes an ostentatious smile and greets me with a warm handshake.

But hey! Is she the same girl i knew, the same free, independent, radical girl who loved to let her hair down and sway it in the air. A pocket full of sunshine girl who walked the streets with her laid back attitude and embraced everyone she met on her way .Is she the same one who could bring laughter on all the dull and grim faces with her crazy and full of life talks.

I go to her house and meet the 3 beautiful god blessed angels her world is made of – her husband, her mother and her little baby daughter.

Oh wait!  There is something i missed, the angels look sad with their eyes yearning for love.

She is successful and she dons that  with her head held up high  .She always wanted to ride the world her way and she did just that.  She set her goals high and struggled to get them right.
And I love her for all her efforts.

But amidst her journey to success .She has lost her roots She has a family which she doesn’t like . Her love who she was once proud of, seems to be just another guy. He is the prince her dreams were once made of . The one who was capable of going down on one knee, handing her a long stemmed red rose once in a while and weaving a fairytale right in middle of an ordinary life.  But she doesn’t seem to have the time to care.

At a time when she can relive her childhood through her daughter and give her all that she once craved for.
Instead of teaching her to dip French- fries in her favourite milk shake and to never colour within the lines.
She follows a diet regime to the strictest.
Today she is ignoring the warm soft eyes of her mother which are waiting to see her come back but for sure she is going to miss her when she is gone.

Believe me she is not just one .You will find her in every second home in your neighbourhood.
Do you think she has lost her way?
 No she is right on the path she had craved for but has let her roots go. And we all need to get her back. If you find her, go embrace her and cheer her for all the good things then slightly lean on her shoulder and whisper in her ear

 “You going too fast girl , slow down and look around, you just missed to bring a smile on your angels faces . Your success is incomplete without their happiness. Go get those roots you belong to before its too late and also remember to hold them tight forever now “

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