Friday, 12 August 2011

LESSONS LEARNT HAND IN HAND with the Green eyed angelic devil

 Brought to the world a month before my fifth birthday, he taught me that gifts not necessarily come with the kinds of wrappings and frills you always wished for but nevertheless they are precious.

PEAS OF A POD- Smiling Together
Perched on my bed, next to me
Kicking his tiny podgy legs in the air
He looked like an angel to my mom
But amidst the halo, I could see two tiny horns
Always ready to irk me.
It may have been through frowns and jealous glances
But nevertheless he gave me COMPANIONSHIP

My barbies, which once looked like fairies,
Now lay beneath the bed with broken limbs
Like damsels in distress, waiting to be rescued by their hero – his Gi-Joes
It may have been through a series of loud cries and a parade of stomping feet,
But nevertheless he taught me ACCEPTANCE

 As years passed and our lives twirled around hand in hand
He blamed me for everything that went wrong
And i did same for my things that went missing
I abused him, I ridiculed him
Yet he stood by my side, when the world seemed to fall apart
It may have been through innumerous   verbal spats
But nevertheless he taught me UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

He always picked up a fight when I was done
I hated him for being the younger one
And He hated me for being treated as the son
Yet he comforted me when I cried
And understood me when nobody else did
It may have been though accuses and blames
But nevertheless he taught me FRIENDSHIP

We fought, we cried, we played, we laughed, we planned, we failed but whatever we did we did it together. And like I say, we are Pods of a Pea stuck together no matter what.