Monday, 4 July 2011


With each passing day, I feel that the world is becoming closer, and it’s contracting too .But its not because Mom spun it in the washing machine but because of the social networking sites which have managed to create a parallel route of life for all of us.  This route unlike the one created by God is much easier to manage, access and interpret. Also it gives you the liberty to decorate it the way you like.
It’s a world of dreams
Where every good thought, word and action is honoured, awarded and followed
It’s a world of goodness, bliss and all those wonderful things
Where there are happy faces everywhere you look
There are suprises on every shore, moor and peak. Cheer waiting around every corner
Oh world! What an amazing joy-ride you are.
And to make you that, begins with me…
But not to forget like the real life, this too has an unpredictable end attached to it and we can do nothing but to move on.  Just to give our memories a flashback let me cite the two major demises in the social networking world.
Orkut which once was the god of web communication for all of us and suddenly it became a haunted house which we refuse to pay a visit. Though, it still stands holding the memories of all our naive attempts of connecting with our old lost friends, our scraps, our photos and not to forget our testimonials.
The second social networking site to follow the league is My Space which was most probably the oldest in the clan. I accept my ineptitude of not being able to give details of this because sadly I was never a part of this space. So its existence never affected me in any way but its sudden demise is one of the major reasons which made me stiffen and think about the aftermaths of a rewinding back to our normal lives minus the social networking sites.

Today, just a slowdown in the internet connection makes you feel as if it’s the longest day in the world. Everything seems to run slow and the world comes crashing down.  You want to say things and talk to people you are connected to but feel like you are stuck in a box. Just a day without updating your status message or commenting on somebody’s wall makes you feel non-existent.
Just imagine about an era where all these will bid adieu. What will happen:-
Our status updates and tweets will become mere diary entries              
Our walls, timelines and not to forget the new streams will be replaced by isolated streets where we’ll keep waiting to come across some old friends and acquaintances
Our friend lists, followers and circles to which we seem so closely related too will resort to a bunch of people, whose existence might never be felt.
Now, I guess I have already sown the seeds of distress in all those who are reading this post. This is enough of a nightmare for me and everybody else. But still we are so obsessed with the vices of the social networking block that it’s discomforting to even think about surviving without it. So I should better stop running my mind and quietly run back to my web world, catch somebody on the chat window and say PING!! And let world PING back at me
PS: Don’t think I’m a dweeb who is miles away from the social networking world. In fact I’m a regular patron of all the networking sites, someone who lives through her updates and her life comes to a standstill when people don’t like it. Just an hour of being without my internet connection and the sudden discovery of a missing fan, one who always commented on my updates, puts my life into disorder and makes me flip flop the existence of the social world.