Saturday, 12 May 2012


A smile more vivacious 

A choice more secured 

A life more content 

A dream more enchanting 

A lover more compassionate 

Did the sight of it all bruise your heart and plaster in green ??

Walking down the path of life 

Did something just make your smile vamoose?

Did something drain out the blood and pump your veins with covetousness screaming hate?

Did something  chew your confidence and lay your morals wafer thin?

Did something  uncover the old wounds and left them forever gleaming?

Did something  drown your dreams and kicked fate to hide under the covers ?

Did something just make your eyes sting with knotted anger ?

Did something  make your mind mock at you and unlearn the lessons taught ?

Did something  border your words with absolute truth?

Did something just turn your tongue into a venomous horned weaver ?

So Did you meet jealousy today??? 

Today did you Scroll your heart and let its existence be known 

Today did you realize that when love is a part of everyday, Jealousy is the first casualty 

So Today did you greet Jealousy with acceptance rather than guilt?