Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Let the darkness of the night bring loneliness no more
Let the crackling sound bring noise no more
Let your soul twirl along with the mystic smoke and the magical laughter
Let your ears be whisked by sound of the captivating chants
Let your eyes witness the scintillating romance
Of the breeze with the glittering lights
Of the stars with the sparkling Delights
For Once let your hearts celebrate DIWALI
With the soothing calmness
The tranquil skies
And a million dreams in the twinkling eyes

PS:-Let's celebrate this festive season not with the beaming sparklers but with a rendezvous of smiles and a tiny gleam of togetherness.

Blink - o - thought wishes it's readers a very Happy Diwali !!! Also apologises for its long disappearance from the blogosphere and promises to be back with some fiery posts soon . So stay tuned !!!