Friday, 12 August 2011

LESSONS LEARNT HAND IN HAND with the Green eyed angelic devil

 Brought to the world a month before my fifth birthday, he taught me that gifts not necessarily come with the kinds of wrappings and frills you always wished for but nevertheless they are precious.

PEAS OF A POD- Smiling Together
Perched on my bed, next to me
Kicking his tiny podgy legs in the air
He looked like an angel to my mom
But amidst the halo, I could see two tiny horns
Always ready to irk me.
It may have been through frowns and jealous glances
But nevertheless he gave me COMPANIONSHIP

My barbies, which once looked like fairies,
Now lay beneath the bed with broken limbs
Like damsels in distress, waiting to be rescued by their hero – his Gi-Joes
It may have been through a series of loud cries and a parade of stomping feet,
But nevertheless he taught me ACCEPTANCE

 As years passed and our lives twirled around hand in hand
He blamed me for everything that went wrong
And i did same for my things that went missing
I abused him, I ridiculed him
Yet he stood by my side, when the world seemed to fall apart
It may have been through innumerous   verbal spats
But nevertheless he taught me UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

He always picked up a fight when I was done
I hated him for being the younger one
And He hated me for being treated as the son
Yet he comforted me when I cried
And understood me when nobody else did
It may have been though accuses and blames
But nevertheless he taught me FRIENDSHIP

We fought, we cried, we played, we laughed, we planned, we failed but whatever we did we did it together. And like I say, we are Pods of a Pea stuck together no matter what.



  1. this is simply the best gift any sister can give to his brother! I wrote something like this for my sis, but this beats anything i have read before, hands down :)

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  3. unconditional love is the biggest gift mankind has shared.

  4. What a lovely way to express LOve for your Brother. Its heart warming and heart tearing too. That is why is bond of BRother and sister always remains special in everyone's life. How old we may grow ...even if we are in our 80ies.............I always pray that is bond of bro-sis should always grow and blossom and no one should/could come inbetween. Hats off to you to have a lovely Bro and to him to have a lovely sis like you.....

  5. That was so very touching :) Good work!

  6. So sweet! I'm the younger one if my family so I hope my bro feels atleast half as good towards me! lol!
    Following u :-)

  7. @nishant:- Thanks dude !! My brother was suprised and happy to see this post.And ya i did read your post on your sister for her bday. Its amazing !!

    @Shrawan:-Very True !! im glad u liked the post.

    @Yash Sir :- Thanks!!. Your comments are always very encouraging.

    @My soul's journey:- Thanks for dropping by.Im glad you liked it.

    @Anne:-haha. so you are the pampered one. Oh ! im sure your brother loves you the most, we all do , its just that we dont feel the need to express it all the time. Make him read this, im sure he'll relate to most of it. :)

  8. It reminds me how I used to feel about my sister long time ago - today the old rivaleries forgotten, we can take joy in each other's lives with more serenity! Tahanks for the lovely words and feelings.

  9. Beautiful beginning of the post. Poem is so heart warming...It wont be wrong to call it a master piece.

    Great work Sonam:)

  10. @sunil deepak:- Thanks for dropping by. Im glad you liked it :)I believe rivalries wipe off with time and are replaced with unconditional love.

    @Saru:- Thanks!! wow !! that was too much to ask for. Im overwhelmed. :)

  11. Hey Sonam this is just wonderful..:)
    The poem the incidents.. every thing, I guess every elder sister with a naughty brother could connect to it.. Just like me..!

  12. @KP:- Thanks!! Im glad u liked it. Make ur brother read it too. Im sure he'll relate to it too :)

  13. Beautiful post. Amazing.

  14. Wooww! I just loved this one. Truly a heartfelt post.


  15. this one's lovely! its got humour and emotion and something all siblings can relate to. fantastic!

  16. @jojofeeling :- Thanks for dropping in Jojo glad u liked it. Stay connected !!
    @Harsha:- Thanks for thelovely comment. im delighted to see you are . :)
    @Rohit:- Thanks for dropping by. Im glad you liked it . Stay connected.

  17. @vikram:-Thanks a ton !! im glad you liked it :)

  18. Aah! beautiful! every word is so true :)

  19. The unconventional arrangement of verses laced in subtle humor....good going, keep the verses flowing.

  20. Liked the poem full of emotion yet shorn of mushiness.

    btw, I saw that you have added me to your network. How come? Are you a reader of Cybernag? :)