Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Hope is my new neighbour

Hope is the new neighbour in my heart’s abode
And I find it trailing me everywhere
Hope is in the bylane,
And i see it shining bright at me when im stuck in a lonely street and have lost my way.
Every morning walking out of the front door
I see it there eagerly waiting to wish me luck
Lost in my thoughts sitting on my bed
 I see it sneaking behind the curtains
Carefully looking at me and greeting me with a naughty smile when our eyes meet
When my dreams go awry
I see hope in my pillow waiting to take all my sobs in
And transport me to a dreamland I have never been before
Hope is in the mirror
Laughing to all the tales I whisper
And applauding all the tunes I hum
The story of hope can never come to an end,
As said well begun is half done,
Hope is always with me now, then and till my end. 

When you let hope live in your heart, it not only becomes a way of life or saves you fall apart, It brighten ups your life with that very energy of positive art, Thereby giving life a happy ending tag. 

1 comment:

  1. You seem to have an angel looking over your shoulders, lucky girl!! It's quite an uncommon gift...so cherish it, nurture it, and optimize it, as it's spirit leads you!....possibly (may I say hopefully!) towards unseen dimensions,unchartered territories,through the tunnels of exploration, lighting up your soul,conspicuously, for you to clearly identify yourself and your path,no matter whether popular,heralded,defamed,tabooed,or unimagined.....but YOURS, and maybe provide you with the tools to concretize that path along the way! Goodnight lovely! :))